CPS Is The Middle East Partner To CM Labs / Vortex Since 2009

When your operators train on a CPS Vortex Simulator, they gain the real-world skills they need to operate cranes and heavy equipment safely and efficiently.

That’s because Vortex provides the most authentic simulation-based training available – we work with you to ensure that your Vortex Simulator reproduces your equipment and procedures. The result is real learning and evaluation that translates into on-the-job skills.

CPS Vortex Simulators are designed from the ground up to prepare operators for the routine and the unexpected. The built-in learning methodology trains your operators to properly handle machines and loads, in simulated work-sites that replicate actual settings and hazards.

Increased efficiency, safety, and skills: With a Vortex Simulator, your operators are trained to deliver.



Vortex Trainer Vortex Advantage
Low cost 1, 3 or 5 displays
Large flat-panel display Touch-screen interface and LMI
Touch-screen interface and LMI Highly immersive experience
Ideal for large classroom requiring multiple stations Optional motion platform.
Uses the same high-fidelity Vortex software Multi-functional: run any type of machine simulation
Multi-functional: run any type of machine simulation

For pricing please contact info@cpscanadian.com

Training Modules
Training modules for 11 construction equipment types
• 4 earth moving equipment
• 7 lifting equipment