The Foundations Program is a preparatory training program designed to transform high-school Saudi nationals to a professional-grade workforce.The need for a vocation-oriented Foundations Program is highlighted by the objectives outlined in the National Transformation Plan 2020 and Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision; to build the institutional capacity and capability needed in the Kingdom’s industrial and development sectors, there must be a reliably traines and skilled local workforce ready to carry the vision forward.

The mission of the CPS Foundations Program is to pave the way for the transformation the coming generations of Saudi nationals from high school students to a 2030-vision ready national workforce.The CPS Foundations program establishes the grounds for the key elements of highly successful persons: The Personal Foundation, The Professional Foundation, and The Language Foundation.

That is to say CPS Foundations instructors are prepared to teach in an authentic and relatable way the personal, professional, & language skills Foundations trainees need to succeed.

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