CPS has developed and applies the unique TTRaPP (Trainee Tracking, Retention and Participation Program). The TTRaPP is designed to set service standards and an overarching program of great services outside the classroom that create a college community that students want to be a part of. This includes establishing the following five (5) items to ensure sustainable, meaningful and engaging learning environments for our trainees:

  1. Trainee Recruitment and Admissions
  2. Trainee Tracking, and Reporting
  3. Trainee Counselling
  4. Social and Community Engagement Program
  5. Extra-curricular Activities Program
TTRaPP Program
The vision of the TTRaPP is to create sustainable, meaningful and engaging learning environments for trainees across CPS training centres.
The Mission of TTRaPP is to retain every trainee that enrols in CPS by:

  • Improving trainee experience
  • Engaging and Involving contractor companies in the success of their trainees
  • Raising visibility and awareness of trainee retention as a priority across the institution and staff  

Training Program Overview

The new training pattern that incorporates both foundation and job skills training from day 1 is designed to increase engagement and retention over the old pattern that relied on foundation for the first trimester before “graduating” to the job skills training. This insightful change to the patterns to reduce attrition during the start of the course brings opportunities and challenges. This allows us to further incorporate a number of adult learning principles that increase engagement based on the psychology of adult learning.

Trainees are in the workshops from month 1 of the program to increase engagement. Although the foundations program is tailored to be learner centred, incorporate cooperative and self-directed learning students do not always see the links of this skill development to their careers. Having trainees perform basic safe activities in the workshops allows these links to be fully demonstrated and understood. As students understand the application of everything that is being learnt, they apply themselves more diligently in all subjects creating a symbiotic effect – this is consistent with the adult learning principle that trainees are relevancy oriented.

The challenge of limited English ability at the start of the program has been successfully overcome by having a large number of practical activities (in the classroom, workshop and other learning spaces across the college) that are pedagogically relevant and encourage engagement. This is based on a solid, well researched and soundly implemented training program.Furthermore, CPS Foundations courses are taught to ensure that the language of the instruction is at the level of the trainees, with carefully curated vocabulary prepared for each lesson to meet trainees where they are and continue the learning process.

Our programs encourage students to grow at their own rate, encouraging all students to achieve their potential. Al-Ajmi International Consortium has a learner-centred approach that allows higher achieving students the flexibility to undertake higher level practical activities while working systematically with struggling students to help them into their careers. All students are supported to undertake self-directed learning (another adult learning principle) projects that are holistic.

Training Programs

The 9-month training program will consist of foundations and technical programs that are integrated focusing on the outcome for students and ensuring they are work-ready upon graduation.

All training resources have been developed internally to ensure they are focussed on the goal of creating work ready graduates for the oil and gas industry. This includes the English, Maths and the Standards of Safety and Professional Practices program and the job skills programs. Using our own IP ensures the materials and programs are fully fit for purpose.