Standards of Safety & Professional Practices (SS&PP)

The main objective of Standards of Safety & Professional Practice course is to prepare trainees for successful integration into the workforce. This is methodically developed using a gritty, practical approach that was designed by Canadian expertise with sound understanding of Saudi trainee social & psychological landscape.

The goals that constitute the main objective of the course are as follows:

  • To develop and foster national pride through the construction occupation
  • To learn the principles necessary for career in a specialized occupation
  • To build strong communication skills in the workplace
  • To acquire concepts about liability and risk reduction
  • To believe in the importance of ongoing professional development and life skills

This SS&PP program is designed to satisfy the following:

  • Have an increased understanding of oneself
  • Plan and prepare for workplace communication using equipment and systems
  • Complete written documentation
  • Contribute to team outcomes
  • Support team cohesion
  • Participate in work team
  • Communicate with management
  • Operate effectively in a workplace environment
  • Be financially literate