We believe in the incorporation of the latest tech- nologies in all of our training programs in order to achieve the desired outcomes and develop transfer- able skills to all our trainees.

As a result, CPS has partnered with industry leaders across Canada to augment its offerings in order to ensure our clients receive the most comprehensive training available on the market in the following industries:

  • Driving
  • Crane and Heavy Equipment
  • Welding

Why Simulation Based Training?

Improve Safety

Prepare trainees for the routine as well as the unexpected: Trainees can practice challenging real- world operations, in complete safety.

Save Money

Zero fuel-consumption, zero part- replacements due to wear-and- tear and zero insurance costs.

Touch Real Efficiencies

Objectively log and record key metrics, so you can teach productive, and economic operations

Improve Training

Training with simulators; teams can stop to reflect on their performance in detailed debriefing sessions. Reviewing video to discuss and learn from what transpired during a training exercise is an essential element of the learning process. That kind of in-depth review often is not possible in real, fast-paced operating settings. Developing the capacity to work closely with others in proficiently functioning teams could be the most important contribution of simulation to personnel safety.